Ana María Chico-Guzmán tells us her experience selling on social networks with Bloombees.

Bloombees is a simple and perfect solution for us. It is a way of teaching our designs to the whole world and that with a single click they can buy them from anywhere in the world!”


Javier shows us his ecological trophies. Do not you know him yet?

I try to take great care of the image because through social networks I get all the orders. Bloombees is the best way to make my brand known”


Coco Dávez is dedicated to painting. Her paintings are very original, colorful and different.

Most of the purchases made online are impulse purchases. And for that reason, Bloombees seemed perfect. It gives you the option of "Want it? Get it!" Simply by adding a link people can buy at the time”


Guillermo García-Hoz opens the doors of his business through this video.

Social networks can help you improve your business a lot. Bloombees I find it very interesting that all the payment processes are already solved and the possibility that offers me to open to new markets both national and international.”


Maia Ming, designer, shows us her ceramic designs to make small moments great memories.

Something I really like about Bloombees is that it handles almost everything, payment, shipping ... makes me feel safe and have more time to dedicate to my designs. It is so easy to use that I can use it anytime and from any device”


Franco Donati and Santiago Carbonari present us their brand.

Bloombees seemed ideal from the beginning, especially by the way we work. You just have to take the photo to the products, share it in networks and that automatically the interested people can buy with a click from anywhere in the world.”