Bloombees on TVE

seo semRyan Stanley and Adrián Martínez, founders of Bloombees, are interviewed in TVE's "Aqui hay Trabajo" to talk about the business opportunities generated by our app  (...)


Bloombees success in emerging markets

seo semBloombees’ Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, Seth Elliott, joins us this time to discuss the ways in which global ecommerce trends are changing  (...)


Bloombees, an app to sell via social networks

seo semThere are those who take the stall to the street and who can start doing it in social networks. If we are going to spend as much time on social networks as we have been doing, unless it is for something more productive than to gossip (...)


Bloombees, the "app" to buy everything you see on Instagram or Facebook

seo sem«The best "marketplace" are social networks and we bet to make real the possibility of selling in the same place where the companies are making great efforts of marketing, explains Erlan Seisem, one of the founders (...)



Does your ecommerce not work well? The website is not the solution

seo semEcommerce begins to evolve in the presence of the largest market places in the world: social networks. How many companies have thousands of followers in their social accounts? (...)



Bloombees: We turn your social network followers into buyers"

seo semThis startup with only one month of life allows to sell directly on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Some believe it is the future of e-commerce (...)



Bloombees revolutionizes sales on Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook

seo semBloombees announced yesterday the launch of the first mobile and web app with integrated payments to sell directly on social networks. As pioneers in the concept (...)



Bloombees introduces Instant Commerce in social networks

seo semSmall and medium-sized enterprises are possibly one of the great beneficiaries of the Fintech revolution. The small brands (...)



Buy without leaving Twitter or Instagram with Bloombees

seo semWhy should Internet shopping be done from a web store or from a third-party marketplace? Bloombees, created by a Spaniard, a Kazakh and an American seeks to eliminate the intermediate steps (...)