Welcome to Bloombees!

If you’re reading this you have either created an Instant Checkout with us or are looking for a little convincing to do so. This Seller’s Handbook will guide you through the simple process of setting up an Instant Checkout and how to take full advantage of our app for your online sales worldwide.
Post, sell and get paid worldwide… Instantly!

1. What do I need to get started?

  • It is a tool that makes selling fast, simple and social by selling products directly through your active social media channels. This is why you are asked to connect your social networks to Bloombees when you first sign up.

    • Add a brand/store name
    • Upload your brand logo
    • Check for a free unique URL
    • Add a description to your Bloombees checkout
    • Select the currency in which your products will be offered
    • Specify your location
    • Choose a language
    • Add a default tax rate

2. Why do I need Bloombees?

  • It works on all devices, is configured for international shipping and includes a real-time translated chat to communicate with people around the world. You can register on Bloombees and get free trial period for 14 days. If you’re still unsure if Bloombees is right for you, let us show you what we can do for you.

    Bloombees is not another marketplace. Bloombees is a new standard among merchants targeting Instant Commerce on social networks, which is quickly drawing sellers who love it because it's easy, fast, and helps them sell. It’s an elegant solution in the form of a simple app that runs on both smartphone and desktop browser that allows brands to start selling directly on social media in minutes, worldwide. Sellers can focus on their brand, products, and customers while Bloombees takes care of the rest. Post, sell & get paid worldwide with a single click, using Bloombees.

3. Does Bloombees post on my social networks without my consent?

  • Bloombees creates a unique URL to your product or Instant Checkout and offers you a fast and simple way of sharing your products in order to reach your customers. To do so, just connect your social networks to Bloombees in your settings configuration.

4. Is Bloombees mobile friendly?

  • Bloombees’ Instant Checkouts are mobile friendly and our free app makes selling a piece of cake, at any time, wherever you go. Check out more about our mobile app under the section titled ‘Mobile’ in this handbook.

5. Why do I need a unique URL?

  • Will guide your clients directly to your Instant Checkout. You can share this link directly with a photo of your product on Facebook or Twitter, or paste it into social networks like Instagram that don’t currently allow a direct link in captions.

6. Why do I have to choose a checkout language?

  • It is also your default language for our real-time chat. This means you need to select the language you are most comfortable writing in for us to provide an instant translation. Last but not least, this will be your default language in the Bloombees Seller app.

7. Can I access my Bloombees account using different social networks?

  • As well as traditional email and password sign-in. All you need to do is connect those social networks to your Bloombees account in your settings configuration.

8. How do I recover my password?

  • Just click on the link “Forgot your Password?” and type in your email address if you haven’t already done so. You will automatically receive an email with a link. Click on that link and choose a new password. Now you are ready to log in.

9. How does the real-time translated chat work?

  • Allowing you to text your customers in your default language regardless of what theirs is. On the customer’s end of the chat, he or she will receive your message in the language they selected to buy at Bloombees. The customer will receive the original text plus the translated text. You can always disable the translation feature on your end, if you prefer to do so.

    New chat messages are notified at your notification center (bell on navigation bar or through the APP) from where you can easily access them.


When you sign up with Bloombees there are no hidden contracts and no currency setbacks. By setting up your Bloombees account, you automatically sign up with over 20 payment providers including Paypal, Girobank, Yandex and Sofort, to name a few.

Unlike all the other eCommerce solutions out there, Bloombees takes sole responsibility of making sure you get paid and that your customers are happy. We guarantee that all transactions are 100% safe and secure and take full responsibility in the rare event of faulty purchases, fraud or any problematic transactions.

1. Can I get paid in different currencies?

  • And the merchant will receive the payment in currency he chose when register. For this type of transactions Bloombees applies 2,99% fee for currency conversion which is paid by the merchant. The commission is calculated from total purchase price of the product.

    The tariffs applied for payments processing are taken out from merchant’s balance in the same currency he chose to get paid by default.

2. What payment methods are available to my customers through Bloombees?

  • He must fill in a simple form where he can choose the payment method which suits best his and his country’s needs, his currency or his personal preferences.

    BLOOMBEES allows to use the following payment methods:

    • Credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Carte Bancaire, Carte Bleue, Maestro and CartaSi.
    • Other payment methods: PayPal, Trustly, Sofort, GiroPay, iDeal, PaySafe Card, P24, PayTrail, TrustPay, AliPay and Yandex.

3. When can I withdraw my money?

  • You can withdraw your money when you change the sold product’s status to “Delivered”. Depending on your subscription plan you will have certain period to withdraw your money.

    The subscribers of free trial period or LITE pricing plan may request to withdraw the money from their account within twenty (20) days from the confirmation that the order has been delivered.

    The subscribers of PRO pricing plan may request to withdraw the money from their account within two (2) days from the confirmation that the order has been delivered.

4. How do I withdraw my sales?

  • To collect it simply click on the "Withdraw money" option and select the amount you wish to withdraw. You have two options to collect the money:

    • By bank transfer: for this you will have to configure your bank account in the option "Payout methods" within the main adjustments of your store. Through
    • Bloombees Mastercard®: you will have to request your card in the option "Payout methods" within the main settings of your store.

    Available balances can only be deposited in the seller's account in the following currencies: Euro (EUR), British Pounds Sterling (GBP) and US Dollars (USD). For more information on the minimum amount set for withdrawals, please see our terms and conditions.

5. What is Bloombees Mastercard®?

  • That allows you to receive easily and quickly international payments without barriers and without incurring large costs. You can already apply for your card - in euros, US dollars or British pounds - and receive totally secure payments in almost any area of the world, especially in areas outside the EU. This card is really useful if you make international transactions or you reside in a country with unstable currency.

    Activating this option will allow the revenue from your sales in Bloombees to go directly to your card, which you can use comfortably to make purchases, pay in establishments, or make any other payment. For more information: https://en.bloombees.com/bloombees-mastercard/

Bloombees Shipping

Bloombees Express is a full stack delivery service with an easy set-up process and competitive prices.

It is a door-to-door service that will make your life easier, providing the best quality logistics for your company. All we need is a few details and instructions to set up your shipping logistics, and Bloombees takes care of the rest for you, making the delivery a simple process for sellers worldwide.

1. What are the benefits of using Bloombees Shipping?

    • Access to economic rates
    • Easy to configure and use

2. How do I activate the Bloombees Shipping service?

  • Choose the Bloombees Shipping section from the home menu. You will be asked some information about your address and contacts in order to save that data for pick up arrangement. We will review your request and activated shortly, sending you a confirmation email.

3.How does Bloombees Shipping work?

  • You have made your first sale at Bloombees! Now… How to get the product to the customer?

    Upon receiving an order, the next step is preparing the package for delivery. Once ready for delivery, proceed with the following:

    You can request your pickup directly from the app. Just select the time you want the courier to pick up the goods, give us the dimensions and weight of the package, and pay for the service with your credit card.

    Shortly after payment is confirmed, you'll receive an email with the barcode label. Please attach the label to the package that you'll give to the courier. This is very important as this is the only way to identify your shipment.

4. How can I track an order's delivery?

  • A link will be sent to you by email so that you may confirm the status of delivery.

    Remember, this information can be very beneficial to your customers who will want to know that their package will arrive when agreed.

    To notify that the order has arrived to the customer, you can do this in the Bloombees app and let your customer know it has reached its destination.

5. Can I ship from any city?

  • But not to worry, we are working to provide greater coverage and will notify users as soon as Bloombees Express becomes available to more locations.

6. Where can I ship my products?

  • Allows you to deliver your products to anywhere in the world.

7. What are the predicted shipping times?

  • For your products are between 24/48 hours in Spain and between 3-5 days for international shipping.

8. How much does sending a package with Bloombees Shipping cost?

  • In our section Bloombees Shipping https://en.bloombees.com/envios-bloombees/

    For more sophisticated calculations download the Bloombees mobile app. There you will find a complete calculator for all your shipments.


After completing your Instant Checkout setup, you can always modify or update your settings at a later date. Settings include:

  • Checkout Details
  • Shipping Configuration
  • Personal Details
  • Shopping Details (in the event you also use Bloombees as a buyer)

1. What shipping settings are available?

  • You have 3 options: national, international and pickup in store.

    To do this, select the zones to which you want to send your product, mark a shipping price and the days it will take to arrive.

    If you wish, you can also activate the option of pickup in store, adding the address of your physical store or any pickup point.

2. Can I offer free shipping?

  • Therefore, no extra fees should be added. Bloombees offers a variety of shipping cost configurations to adapt to whatever need you may have. Flat rates, unit-based and price-based for pick-up, domestic and international shipping.

3.Can I set different shipping rates for a certain area or country?

  • To allow different rates according to countries or areas defined by the seller.

4. Can I have my own return policy?

  • Of 14 days from the day of receipt by the buyer. Anyhow, if you wish to offer a longer term or any other specifications, we encourage you to add your own return policy while completing your Instant checkout set-up. For more information about Returns, please check our Returns and Refund Policy.

5.What is the buy button for?

  • This button will redirect your customers to the Bloombees payment gateway to complete the transaction.

6. How can I use it?

  • Enter your Bloombees account. Go to the "Products" section. Select the "Buy Button" option. Follow the steps that the platform tells you to configure your button. Copy the code that is generated and add it in the template of your website or blog.

7. How do I set up my store on Facebook?

  • Which will allow your followers to make purchases without leaving this social network.

    To configure it you only have to enter your Bloombees account, check that you have your Facebook fan page connected to your Bloombees store. If you already have it connected. Go to the "Products" section> "Facebook Store". Fill in the 3 fields that are asked and that’s it! You can also see a step-by-step tutorial here:

    • https://en.bloombees.com/your-bloombees-store-on-facebook/
    • https://youtu.be/rMn5oDXHhd8

Sales Tax

At Bloombees we are always looking to make your life easier. Taxes are a part of the selling process and therefore our platform enables you to set up tax fees when configuring your Instant Checkout. However, please note that this does not make Bloombees responsible for your tax declarations.

1. When should I charge tax?

  • So it’s best to consult the laws in your area for collecting and reporting taxes. As a start, you can check what the European Union or the US have to say about VAT charges. European Union European Union US have to say about VAT charges.

2. What happens if I don’t set a tax fee?

  • However Bloombees is not accountable for your tax declarations.

3.Can I set different tax rates for a certain area or country?

  • For each location you can assign a specific tax rate that will be added to the final price of the product.


The Bloombees Dashboard is the gateway to everything that’s happening with your products. From here you can easily access everything you need to manage your products, sales, conversations with customers, order status and all settings related to your account.

If you are looking at your Dashboard on a mobile device, we recommend that you download our free app that will give you easier, simpler and faster access to all the information and administration tools you need.

1. What is included in my Bloombees Dashboard?

    • Settings - for updating business or personal information, increasing your sales limit, modifying checkout details or your shipping configuration.
    • Your Bloombees Seller Balance - to see how your sales are going and to withdraw your money at any time.
    • Orders - from where you can manage your orders and automatically update customers about their orders whereabouts.
    • Product management - to update your products, add stock, handle product privacy and share them on your social networks.
    • Statistics - to get a visual overview of your sales and customer relations that will help help you make the best marketing decisions to increase your sales.

2. Will I be notified of changes in my account?

  • That is why Bloombees is eager to keep everybody involved in a transaction as updated as possible.

    As a seller, you will receive chat notifications every time a customer contacts you about one of your products. You will be also notified when a purchase is completed or if a refund of one of your orders is requested. In addition, we let you know when your products run out of stock so that you can update them so as not to lose any potential sales.

    Keeping your customer updated is vital to building a lasting relationship. This is why Bloombees has included automatic emails that will be sent to customers every time a change occurs with their orders. We also encourage you to use our real-time translated chat to communicate with customers, so that you can keep history of everything that relates to the purchase.


Bloombees is available no matter where you are. That is why we have created the Bloombees app that allows you to manage your checkouts and sales on-the-go.

Bloombees is also present wherever your customers are, at any time. Following our beliefs in Instant Commerce, our Instant Checkout works on multiple devices in order to ensure satisfactory sales and a great customer experience.

1. Can I manage my Bloombees account from a mobile device?

  • Login or sign up and you’ll be ready to sell. If you have already created an account through our website, simply login with the same user and your products' checkouts will be visible and ready for you to manage. Content on the app is completely customized to offer you the best user experience making it simple, fast and social.

2. Is there a Bloombees app?

  • That allows you to manage and promote your products on-the-go. Post, sell and get paid worldwide.

3. Where can I download the Bloombees app?

  • In the iTunes App Store for use on your iPhone or iPod Touch or in Google Play if you are using Android. iTunes App Store for your iPhone or iPod Touch or in Google Play if you are using Android.


Aside from running on the most secure servers, Bloombees strictly verifies both sides of every transaction. Both sellers and buyers are screened with detailed compliance checks avoiding and reducing any risk in the operation. All transactions within our platform are 100% safe and 100% Bloombees guaranteed.

For this reason, during the configuration you will be required to complete certain information about your business and yourself in order to ensure that you can sell without any issues.

Bloombees only shares the information about your products in order to complete a sale. Our Privacy Policy clearly states that we never reveal personal information without consent.

Pricing Plans

1. Can I manage my Bloombees account from a mobile device?How do I subscribe to one of the pricing plans?

  • Just log into your Bloombees account. Go to the “Settings” menu and click on the "Pricing plans" option. From there you can select your pricing plan and make the payment by credit card.

2. Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

  • Simply send us an email to support@bloombees.com stating that you want to cancel your subscription and we will process it.

3. Can I change my price plan at any time?

  • The changes would be made as follows:

    • If you change from PRO to LITE. Your PRO plan will be active until the end of that month. From there, the LITE plan fee will be charged.
    • If you change from LITE to PRO: if you do it during your first month you will access the conditions of the PRO plan immediately and then you will be charged the monthly fee.
    • If you change from LITE to PRO after your first month, you will have to start paying the PRO plan from the moment of the change.

Share & Earn

1. What is Share & Earn?

  • Which lets the brands access thousands of new potencial clients. Anyone can share the products available on Bloombees in their social networks, and become a promoter of brands by multiplying the reach and the visibility of them. And for each article that is sold from their publications, they get paid a commission previously closed.

2. Is it free to register in Share & Earn program?

3. Can I use this function without being a merchant?

  • The process is very simple. Enter the Search and discover page, where you will find a wide catalog of products of the brands that actively operate in Bloombees. Choose the products that you like and share them in your social networks with a unique link that Bloombees generates for you to make the publication. For each item that the brand sells thanks to your publication, you will receive a 10% commission of the price.

4. Can I use Share & Earn function if I am already a merchant?

  • The process is very simple:

    • Sign in to your Bloombees account
    • In the upper toolbar go to the "Settings" section, in this section you will find a section called "Checkout settings" in the toolbar that appears to the left of the screen you will find an option called "Share & Earn "
    • Activate the “I want to use the Share & Earn”, read the terms and conditions and click on the marker.

5. How do I get paid the commissions I earned?

  • You have earned thanks to the publications will be kept in the "Balance" of your Bloombees account. You can withdraw this money by bank transfer.